A race against time… A race against Lyme…

    This blog is about my journey since contracting Lyme Disease. I’m calling it “A Race Against Lyme.
  • It’s about education. It’s about understanding what this disease is and what it does to an individual and their family and friends.
  • It’s about offering hope to those who suffer in silence. This is my diary.
  • It’s about my emotional and physical journey the last 16 months after becoming sick with chronic Lyme.
  • Subsequent entries will also detail my upcoming journey and progress through a relatively new treatment of Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Transplant which I hope to undergo this Thursday or Friday.

The idea of a blog stemmed from reading other’s journeys and struggles with this horrible disease. As I searched for new treatments and the miracle cure, I came across a few other blogs and found them inspirational. They gave me hope that there is treatment out there that will make me feel better, and return me to a life that I used to call normal, albeit I know there is no cure. The best I can hope for is an elongated remission.

Thank you to my husband of 27 years who has always stood by me and encouraged me to write this. To Nancy Real who’s comment on Facebook encouraged me to share my journey. To Penny Trask who’s daughter suffered for 17 years and who has been instrumental in helping me to cope with the ravages of Lyme. To all my numerous friends and family who have stood by my side and offered their outstanding support to both my husband and me.

This is my Blog. Turn the page. This is my story….

Warren Bennett – Chronic Lyme Disease

Blog: https://araceagainstlyme.wordpress.com/day-1-infallible-so-i-thought/