Entry #6: Raw Emotions

I will get back to the lead up to present day and continue yesterday’s post in Entry #7, but I just have to write this all down.

Last night and this morning were filled with different emotions that I can not explain. One minute I was tranquil. The next so angry and bitter, to feelings of intense fear that I started shaking this morning.

We were ready to proceed with the 300 million umbilical cord stem cell transplant this Friday, a cost of $148,500 pesos ($7800 USD)

We had messaged Pamela Thompson last week who is an amazing medical resource for expats here in Puerto Vallarta. We asked if she knew about the clinic I was going with and specifically about stem cell treatment. She emailed back and suggested Dr Ernesto Romero Lopez, with CMQ Hospital near Macro Plaza here in Puerto Vallarta. She was not familiar with the other clinic. We emailed her recommendation simply for a second opinion.

Last night we received an email from Dr Ernesto Romero Lopez. He suggested a consultation for this morning at 11am.

When I received the email last night about meeting today, I was initially surprised and elated that he could see me so quick for an initial consultation. I was ready to have the procedure done with someone else this Friday. Costs were outlined in his email and what the process would be. It was quite different in preparation leading up to the actual transplant, and suggestion of 500 million umbilical cord stem cells was quite a bit more. The price was much higher as well. $180,000 pesos ($9500 USD) and perhaps $40,000 pesos ($2100 USD) more depending on kidney function.

My feelings of guilt started to take over as I thought of all the money that would be spent on this. The other treatment I was going to go with Friday was already a stretch. This is even more for Christ’s sake!

Then I became angry as Gary and I started to discuss if we should go for a second opinion. My anger stemmed from having to relive my symptoms from day 1. Go through all that pain we went through again. And then subject myself to all kinds of tests again when we already know what the hell is going on. I have been through this 5 times already in the last year and a half, Only to become sick again. I know what I have already for f’sake.

As we discussed it more I became bitter inside thinking that this process will further delay me actually getting the stem cell treatment. If it delays even by a week I am robbed another week from my life. Another whole week given up to Lyme!

Gary was supportive of whatever decision I would make. I’m sure the look on my face said it all. But this was our decision. We are both living this disease. We emailed back and set the appointment for today.

I went to bed worrying about the appointment. I woke up nervous. By the time we got to the hospital I was shaking.

The doctor was amazing. They described everything in great detail. They genuinely cared. After listening to my struggles and doing a few simple tests, Dr Ernesto Romero Lopez explained that he believes I need even more stem cells, in the area of around 700 million – due to kidney issues and internal pain indicating my organs are swollen. He also believes my symptoms are an indication that my adrenal gland is not functioning correctly and my hormones are all out of whack. Contributing to severe mood swings, and crying at the drop of a peso ( dime ) . Preliminary blood work will determine the actual amount of stem cells required.

He ordered a myriad of bloodwork. He ordered ultra sound and x-rays as well. Even though we had not committed to his services yet.

His treatment plan consists of:

  • Initial blood work, x-rays and ultrasound
  • Minimum 500 million umbilical cord stem cells by IV over several sessions
  • 12 ozone therapies (chelation)
  • 2 Plasmapheresis ( like dialysis whereby the plasma is removed and cleaned of toxins and heavy metals and returned.
  • 4 Auto Immune vaccines (made from your own blood)
  • 2 Bio Scans (non evasive)
  • 6 months of immune system nutrition

The consultation was no charge. Gary and I were very emotional throughout the consultation as hope of a semi normal life returning was perhaps possible.

I start the preliminary work tomorrow. My first treatment starts Friday at 4 pm.

A very emotional day today. And cautious optimism.

I tried intensive treatments before with the promise of good health. I get excited and optimistic only to crash hard when the symptoms return. I said it last time… I say it again. I don’t think mentally I can take another failure.

Mentally I just can’t …

Warren Bennett-Chronic Lyme Disease