Entry #4: Detox

I’m back. I had a momentary “feel sorry for myself” time-out .

But I made a commitment to write a blog so here goes.

I did go back to my Lyme Specialist Dr Omar Morales at Lyme Disease Mexico. It was October 2017. It was his conclusion that I needed to undergo intensive treatment which included blood transfusions, collation therapy, IV therapy, and a host of others. The program would be at least three months. Every Monday to Friday. Cost approximately $45,000 pesos per week.

I was so toxic that I required a professional detox through a specialized clinic before starting new treatment.

I was sent to Guadalajara MX and started the 7 day detox. 4 coffee enemas a day. High temperature sulphur baths. Sitz bath. Lymphatic massage because they were so swollen they stuck out of my body the size of my thumb. Strict vegan diet plus a host of herbals and antibiotics.

A second week was added. I came out of there feeling exhausted, battered and bruised. Worse than when I went in. I continued to lose more weight and was close to 122lbs (55 Kg).

I had 2 weeks to start my treatment program otherwise I would become too toxic again and the benefits of the therapy would be diminished.

Warren Bennett – Chronic Lyme Disease