Entry #3: No sleep

Well it’s 7:28 AM, October 2nd 2018. I’ve been up all night so I thought I should continue to write something. Catch up to present so in my future posts I can concentrate on the Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Transplant that I will have.

I had a really rough day yesterday. I stayed in bed all day again – was throwing up with specs of blood. Plus the bad stomach has returned. The joint pain and internal pain has me bent over double.

I’ve been basically bed ridden since last Monday. My husband Gary got me out of the house two days ago but the 3 hours I was out was too much.

Excuse me if this post seems a bit disjointed. If you read the previous entry, you will know I was supposed to pick up from there….so here goes.

After the news of having chronic Lyme disease sunk in, I vowed to fight this to the bitter end. The third round of antibiotics seemed to be working. I was regaining some energy and was actually getting out and about again. Not enough to get back to the gym but enough to get out.

Some people didn’t believe that I was sick. They couldn’t see the pain inside. That made me even more angry.

The meds started to become ineffective again and by October I started to slip. More days spent at home in bed. Lots of joint pain. And the rash reappearing again and again. Severe diarrhea. I would lay in bed crying for days because of the pain. Gary laying beside me…. holding me. Sometimes he would find me huddled in the shower in the corner shaking and crying in the middle of the night because of extreme dysentery.

I was experiencing a Herxheimer reaction. Lyme patients know this. The body becomes so toxic with dead Lyme bacteria and their waist products that your body over reacts because it can’t keep up – your liver, kidneys and lymph nodes are all over burdened.

The way I looked and the humiliation and embarrassment of uncontrollable body functions was more than I could handle again.

Many days I laid in bed crying and telling my husband I couldn’t do this anymore. If this is what we have to look forward to I wanted it to be over…

Some of this is just too painful.

Sorry….I have to quit for now.

Warren Bennett – Chronic Lyme Disease