Entry #1: Infallible. So I Thought.

I’ll try to keep these posts as short as I can ( those who know me know that’s not possible )

I originally posted this on Facebook June 24th, 2017, almost a month after I started to get sick. At that time I was not diagnosed with Lyme…. yet….

As some of you know I have been extremely sick over the last 4 weeks.  I only write this to urge everyone to be aware & look for the signs of a tick bite. We are diligent in prevention for our furry family members, but humans can get bit too! 

I got sick May 29th after an afternoon snack at a local restaurant. Severe muscle cramping, diarrhea, high fever, headache. Three days later I pulled a tick off my chest, bled a bit but thought nothing of it. 

A week later was still in bed with same symptoms but higher fever
of 40 C (104 F), dizziness, lack of energy & weak. 

Went to Dr – very low blood pressure,  blood tests confirmed three strains of salmonella ( one being salmonella typhi or typhoid ) from the food poisoning, & a disease called Rickettsia from the tick bite. Started 4 days of a cocktail of injections, oral meds & strict bed rest, with instruction for hospitalization if my temp reached a certain threshold.
Follow up appointments, more injections, & a secondary kidney infection developed.  Shed 14 kilos, ( 31 lbs ) so far. “

My husband and I had a dream. We retired early in life. We sold all our worldly possessions in Canada and jumped on a plane and started our new journey and dream retirement in Mexico. That was August 2014. 

We weren’t looking back and thought we had everything. We did – we had each other. We had our health.

We were infallible.

We didn’t know about Lyme Disease, or didn’t want to know.

A tiny little bug changed all that…forever.

Warren Bennett – Chronic Lyme Disease

Puerto Vallarta, Jal, Mexico 🇲🇽