Entry 15: Feeling Angry

February 18th 2020

For those of you still following me I apologize for the lack of follow through with my posts in my progress. Today I am prompted to write because of many reasons. Some pictures in this post are graphic.

I am still undergoing weekly treatments to combat the effects of Lyme disease and it’s co-infections. There is no cure, only the hopes of remission and treatment of the continuing ravages of Lyme. I have 100 million more stem cells to go and my current treatment ends.

Reason #1: I try to get out of the house to help my mind. Some days you see me looking just fine, yet the next I can barely walk and use the aid of a cane. Among other places, Lyme also lives in my joints and sporadic inflammation caused by it cause much joint pain all over. I am fortunate to have a stem cell Dr. who recognizes the effects of Lyme and reacts immediately with IV treatments to combat what is happening.

My immune system is ravaged by this disease, making me susceptible to infection that normally a healthy person wouldn’t be affected by. My recent blood work showed my immune system is at a rating of 2.99, and should be between 9-10.

Streptococcus Type A

Approximately 3 weeks ago I started developing a large pimple above my right eye which quickly spread and burst open. My finger quickly swelled with a similar pimple. My ring was cut off. Amd a large spot appeared on my buttocks. Test showed strep, which other than strep throat, is flesh eating disease.

I am fortunate enough that my Dr reacted quickly and started cutting away tissue above and below the skin surface. Heavy dose IV treatment, daily cleansing and removal of yet more tissue continues for almost 3 weeks now.

I am rid of flesh eating disease as of today however the scars and emotional pain remain knowing that this is a continuous battle the rest of my life with other co-infections. Please look into the eyes of Someone you know who is suffering from any chronic condition. Look into their eyes right into their soul. Until you are able to look past the outward facade, you truly won’t know what they are going through.

Reason #2: The following article is from “The Lyme Association of Australia.” Do you think possibly the same thing is happening in Canada with the denials that Lyme Disease exists ? I am so fortunate to live in Mexico.

The IDSA in trouble. A couple of weeks ago we published a post about the Torrey vs the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Well, we have just heard that the judge has upheld the conspiracy claim against IDSA. This latest development means that the defendants (the IDSA, 6 individual physician IDSA panellists and the five insurance companies who have not settled out of court) have lost their bid to have the case against them dismissed. Briefly, the judge found plausible the patients’ assertions that the insurance companies bribed IDSA doctors to deny the existence of chronic Lyme disease and set up testing that made diagnosis less likely.But it doesn’t stop there. You can read the court documents on internationally acclaimed investigative journalist, Mary Beth Pfeiffer’s, website: https://www.thefirstepidemic.com/read-the-court-filings

Warren Bennett- Advanced Chronic Lyme