#11: Stem Cell Day!

October 9th, 2018

This past weekend was an emotional journey for both Gary and me. After Friday’s pretreatment I was nervous about how my body would react after the plasmapheresis. Quite honestly every time I thought about the Umbilical cord stem cells I was going to receive I started to feel incomplete and dirty again, the same feelings I had during my 8 previous blood transfusions. The good news on Friday was that I could introduce poultry and fish back into my diet.

This was exciting for me ’cause it was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! Not many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta cater to Canadian Thanksgiving but this year it seemed everyone was! And that meant I could eat Turkey all weekend!!

I was tired, and in keeping with the spoon theory I mostly stayed in bed so I could save my energy for the two or three hours we would be out for dinner.

I started having severe pain in my lower back on both sides. Was so painful that I could barely roll over and even the weight of my body when laying down made it hurt even more. I would have to roll over on my front and push myself up with my hands to sit. Once up the pain was bearable.

I started passing blood. . I knew my kidneys were approaching stage 3 kidney disease but this has never happened before. My emotional state was up and down. Although I was having all this pain, I also saw that my skin rash was all but gone by Saturday night. A wonderful side effect of the plasmapheresis cleaning out toxins. For this I was elated.

Maybe this Dr. does know what he is doing. But I had to be cautiously optimistic because I don’t want to fail again. I would feel excited and hopeful one minute, fearful the next, dirty when thinking about the stem cells I would receive, then cautious as I don’t want depression to fill my being if this treatment fails.

We made it out to two turkey dinners over the weekend. Oh my I was in heaven. Even tho Gary is not a fan of turkey, he knew this was a big deal as lately we haven’t had a lot to look forward to.

But this Thanksgiving I had so much to give thanks for. I had an unwavering supportive husband and without him by my side I couldn’t do this. He makes me strong. Also, not only for the food set before us, but for the genuine outpouring of love and support from our own family, but also from our extended family and friends we have here. Puerto Vallarta is a very strong community and rallies behind people in need. People really do care.

Today I mainly rested again in bed saving energy for my 4 pm appointment. I was emotional, and trying to hide that made me difficult to be around today.

The appointment went well. I had a saline IV with nutrients to help the stem cells. They injected 2 vials of Ozone gas into my IV. Dr Edwardo Lopez amd his nurse Pablo made sure the stem cells were well suspended in two separate vials of saline. I had to look at them. I had to touch them. What I can’t see that is alive in these vials is what is going to give me my life back. Give us our life back.

Although only 35 million of the 700 I would receive, we both looked at the vials and at that point I became thankful. The feelings of being dirty was gone. Theses little living things in these two vials are what is going to kickstart my immune system and repair all the damage caused by Lyme.

There could be possible side effects, dizziness, headache, fatigue all as my own “old” body ramps up to work with these new cells. This was good news. The other good news was the pain and bleeding this weekend was most likely caused by my kidneys finally passing sharp and hardened poisons it hasn’t been able to pass because I was so toxic. As they passed they scraped my insides causing considerable pain and bleeding. The bleeding stopped today when the pain stopped.

This also was good news!

My body needs a rest to ramp up. Next Monday I will go for another pretreatment of saline, nutrients for the stem cells, and ozone. Followed on Wednesday by 100 million stem cells.

We also discussed additional treatment targeted specifically to my kidneys. It would be a six month program with millions of additional stem cells. We will talk about this as the additional cost is another 80,000 pesos. We are already stretched for this treatment At $180,000 pesos. We want to see some results before jumping in any further. Cautiously optimistic.

This really is going to work.

It just has to!

Warren Bennett – Chronic Lyme disease

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